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S&B La-Yu is made mainly from extract of select red chili peppers. Using our own technique and manufacturing expertise, hot, flavorful and colorful extract is produced, and then sesame oil is added. It features a pungent spiciness, bright red color and the savory flavor of sesame oil.
Use with the sauce of dim-sum, as a relish for soup noodles, a seasoning for fried meat & vegetables, Chinese dressing, topping for sushi rolls or dipping sauce with mayonnaise.
This year's gonna be a wild ride! - size A2, 4.25 by 5.5 inches folded - three color screen print on French Paper - packed in a cello sleeve with corresponding envelope - blank inside

Like no other olive oil you’ve ever experienced. Because nobody else blends at the exact moment of pressing — with freshly picked olives and sage married in the olive mill.

Look for the complex co-mingling of olive fruitiness, sage, and silky, pepper finish.

Stunning sage green and gold leaf arch earrings, made with lightweight polymer clay and a clear coat of resin. Made with titanium earring posts and backings, perfect for those with sensitive ears.

Invented in the 1950's by the founder's grandson's wife, Salsa Espinaler was an instant hit. Bright and tangy, but not spicy, Salsa Espinaler perfectly complements all kinds of seafood. But Barcelonans don't stop there - try it on eggs, olives, on potato chips, even splashed in vermouth.


92ml Bottle

Stay classy with our newest flavor: salted caramel! Inside this sleek black box you'll find pretzels covered in decadent 70% dark chocolate and topped with rich caramel bits and sea salt. Show up to your next dinner party or event with these gourmet treats, and you'll certainly impress the host(ess). Bon appétit! Made with dark chocolate. 3 pretzel rods per box. Each pretzel rod is approx 3.5" long. Certified OU-D Kosher.
5.75" x 8.25" softcover notebook Smooth vegan leather Cream embroidery 144 cream pages Lined or blank inside pages Ribbon bookmark Rounded corners Glorious smythe-sewn binding allows notebook to lay flat Artwork by: Samantha Nickerson Instagram: @Samantha_nicks

The sardines come from Galician Rias of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, where they are collected from the water just off the shore of Galicia between May and November, when the sardines are at their best. The sardines are then lightly grilled and toasted at the factory. The products are manually canned and filled with olive oil and there is no additives or preservatives added.


130g Tin

This bundle comes with (2) 3 pack sets of the Science Notebooks and (1) 3 pack set of Astronomy Notebooks. Each set of 3 belly bound notebooks is $6.00 wholesale. This item is bound with an eco-friendly Kraft paper, sourced in the US. Designed to compliment any modern desktop. Durable enough for a lifestyle on the trail.
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