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A longtime staple as a fabric dye and ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking and medicine (since 500 BC!), turmeric is currently enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity due to its anti-inflammatory and digestive qualities. A rhizome that looks similar to ginger root when pulled out of the ground, dried and powdered turmeric has stunning marigold color and earthy taste that pairs well with citrus or honey.
The Marudaizu soy sauce is created using Marudaizu (soybeans without degreasing process) that are not genetically recombined and sea salt created under natural sunlight. The combination of these two elements makes a mild taste and flavorful aroma that stands out from all other YAMASA products.
Yuuki soy sauce uses organic agricultural products (soybeans and wheat) as its primary ingredients and is produced through a process that’s completely separate from the one using non-organic products.
Complex, zesty, tart, and floral. With sumac, sesame, cumin, and herbs, it's a quintessential spice mix of the middle east. Try it on roasted vegetables, savory yogurt sauces, or mix with olive oil to brush on flatbread. Sumac, white sesame seed, cumin powder, thyme, Mediterranean oregano, and kosher salt. Size: 4.2 oz.
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