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Breadwinners Big Biscuit Bag

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Just like the Little Biscuit bag, but bigger! The Big Biscuit is perfect for to hold your daily essentials with an interior pocket measuring 11” x 9”

Key loop inside & loop and tie closure on the front.

Strap sits at a fixed length of 36”

Lovingly handmade by Sarah Hudson, who you can find at Sarah is a disabled artist and writer. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019 with a BFA in Craft and Material Studies. In 2020, she launched Breadwinners, a bag and accessory brand run out of her studio in Pittsburgh, PA. 

"Breadwinners is a love letter to the act of eating. While Breadwinners was launched in early 2020, I’ve been writing this love letter for years. Navigating my fluctuating relationship to food & increasing illness has pressed into me the importance of centering joy & of adorning yourself in things that make it easier for you to be in your body. Each Breadwinners piece is focused on this joy by creating a tender & unique relationship between your body & the objects you ask each bag to hold."