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Rhoeco Herbal Teas - Drink It, Plant It

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The team of rhoeco is Katerina, Vaya and Harry. Friends since we were students in university studying Agriculture here in Greece and later on, we found ourselves together doing our post-graduate studies in the UK. It is a blast working with people sharing the same vision, easily cope with and at the same time have real fun! Our studies in ecology and organic farming made us conscious and grateful for the planet we live in. It was then when we realized that new approaches are needed in order to secure a safe planet to future generations. So, the three of us decided to become a team and create our brand. We felt that we wanted to introduce a unique Greek product and a slow living ritual representative in the most ecological approach possible. Rhoeco stands for sustainability, integrity, and equity. We produce with the minimum environmental footprint. We claim equity for all parties and we ensure fairness at all levels and for anyone involved. We prepare and pack our blends with honesty only by hand aiming to offer only of the highest quality products. These are our main principles which we try to maintain during all our activities.