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India's COVID-19 Crisis & How to Help

Āddā is the Bengali word for conversation; and Adda was founded to connect communities so we can engage in conversation and move forward together.

We believe deeply that conversations between neighbors lead to real and lasting change. So we need to talk — about the COVID crisis in India and what we can do to help.

If you already know about the crisis and would like to support Adda's fundraiser, we'll put it right here for you. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 this weekend and $10,000 by June 1 through spreading the word of this crisis and allocating our own sales through a series of projects to the fundraiser. We have opted to start a fundraiser that goes to  GiveIndia's India Covid Response Fund (ICRF) 2.0 Fundraiser that goes to the work of on-ground NGOs to support the needs of India's most vulnerable and sick through this crisis. You can read more about this fundraiser here.

You can also donate directly to specific projects through GiveIndia, like this one for oxygen and healthcare supplies or this one for feeding those struggling with hunger. If you're not familiar, please read on and come back later to consider supporting if you're moved by the information below.

The extreme negative impact of preventable diseases have long been a plight in Southeast Asia. The linked study from 2011 provides a substantial amount of information about the way policy has failed to prevent events like the current devastation due to COVID. While it is important to acknowledge and learn about how this happened, the why is currently less important than the what — lack of resources is leading to unnecessary death and suffering to those infected with COVID and those impacted by the socioeconomic effects of the pandemic. We aren't hopeless or helpless — we can aid the incredibly hard working NGOs on the ground in India purchase and distribute necessary resources like oxygen tanks and food to those who need it most.

Here are additional fundraisers and resources to explore. As this information unfolds and the needs change, be sure to do your own research before donating. We've personally opted to support GiveIndia at this time as we trust their track record so far in appropriating funds effectively and value the breadth of organizations the large overall fund is supporting.

>> Adda's GiveIndia Fundraiser

>> GiveIndia Healthcare Fundraiser (info on allocation of funds)

>> GiveIndia Food Distribution Fundraiser (info on allocation of funds)

>> Regularly updated guide to Mutual Aid Fundraisers

This is very near to Adda, not only as a business that cares passionately about others and taking action wherever possible, but as people with family and friends dealing with this crisis first hand. We hope you will consider donating to any of these causes and spread the word to others.

Our current planned initiatives:

>> Donating 10% of sales the weekend of April 30 - May 2 — we also have a donor who will generously match the funds raised this weekend

>> A raffle fundraiser with fellow small businesses mid-May (tentative as we get interest, please email if you'd like to help us plan!)


Thank you always for being a friend to us and your neighbors around the world <3


Team Adda