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Adda's Charitable Giving Update: August 2021

It's been...a year to say the least! We've had so many ups and downs in 2021 so far, but this community has carried us on....

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Celebrating International Tea Day

Happy International Tea Day! How could we NOT celebrate this day with it being the second half of our name? After what we thought was just another fun holiday, we learned that it was so much more than just drinking your favorite tea on this day. 

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On Coffee: Adda expands roaster selection

Our priorities at Adda are our community and our coffee (and tea!), in that order.  In this pandemic year, we’ve had a lot of time...

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Donate to win: Pittsburgh small business raffle for India!

Hi friends! We're partnering with a host of amazing small brands to raise money for India. It's super simple — you donate to help Indian...

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