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On Coffee: Adda expands roaster selection

Our priorities at Adda are our community and our coffee (and tea!), in that order. 

In this pandemic year, we’ve had a lot of time to sit with how our stores and business are running. We feel really good about the time, attention, sweat and tears we’ve poured into our relationships with our team and community. But, having just turned a sweet five years old, it’s time to revisit our coffee program. That’s why, for the first time ever, we’ll be carrying and selling beans from more than one roaster — starting with Bolt Coffee!

First, peeling back the curtain a bit, Adda is primarily run by just two full-time teammates, our coffee manager Evan and our general manager Morgan. While it’s truly a group effort with an inimitable team that holds it down on the bar AND enjoys getting involved with our other projects, the brunt of any new initiative falls squarely on Evan and Morgan, with limited time and resources to get it all done. With many needs dividing our attention and more so during the year of COVID, we often first spend our effort on the comfort of our staff, our giving back initiatives and just keeping our stores chugging along. We are extremely fortunate to have found some incredible leaders to start managing our individual shops — we’ll introduce them soon! — and feel we’re in a great place with our team and operations. That’s allowed us to turn our heads back to our menu to ensure we’re sharing the highest quality drinks, consistently improving and sourcing ingredients from partners we respect & feel proud to serve.

We LOVE Verve Coffee. They’re sticking around and are a huge part of our Adda story, inspiring us to center sustainability and relationships in our business. But there’s so much incredible coffee to be had locally and beyond, so many small operations to support and so many beans poured over by dedicated farmers that we want to highlight in our shops. As we grow our locations, we also feel we need to grow our selection and continue to challenge our menu to be better for YOU! 

Bolt Coffee, based in Providence, RI, happened to reach out at the perfect time, they sent a super friendly package over to us just as we were figuring out how to move forward with a multi-roaster program. We loved the coffee and loved their team (shout out Erick and Ana!), it felt like it was kismet to start our new program with their sweet beans. Their beans are diverse and sourced as such. They feel super similar to Adda; a few thoughtfully run locations, a big emphasis on sourcing bar ingredients locally, a whole lot of care for their staff and attention to how their coffee ends up in your hands. 

We’re super excited to have them on our shelves starting Friday, May 21 for select pour overs and as retail bags, usually one blend and two single origins. To mark the occasion, we’re also serving their Mass Appeal blend on drip for $1 Friday only :-)

There will be more great roasters, more great coffee and more great friends to come. There’s soooo much room for all on our shelves and in our big soppy Adda hearts. Thanks for being our friend and we hope you’ll love the new neighbors joining us.